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Recreation area in Kronstadt is situated in the Western part of Island (between 10 and 11 on the map). click the map!


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Recreation  area in Kronstadt. 

In 2012 the Western part of island Kotlin was converted into the nature reserve protected area. This event can be considered as very beneficial for all inhabitants of   St. Petersburg   and Kronstadt.

The nature of the western part of the island is well preserved. There are clean beaches, great number of birds. It is a wonderful place to recreation and walks. In the beginning of  18th century several forts were constructed there.

 It was here the Swedes tried to land troops in the summer of  1705  in   hope of regaining control over the strategically important island. Standing here it seems that since then  landscape and nature have not changed.


In the late 19th century the Fort “Schantz” was built (number 10 on the map). It has been survived till this day. It's easy to see it during the walk. 


On the most western tip of the island Fort “Rif” (Reef) is located (number 11 on the map),  however it is still guarded by soldiers and dogs so it is impossible to visit it.