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About Saint-Petersburg 


Saint-Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow and an important industrial, cultural and educational center. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the "window to Europe". Architects were brought from Western Europe to construct the city in harmonious proportions. In 1712 - 1918 Saint-Petersburg was the capital of Russia.

Saint-Petersburg is the most Nothern  city in the world with a population over 1 million.  It is among five most populated cities of Europe. As of 2011, there are almost 4 million 600 thousand people residing in the city.

St. Petersburg lies in the maritime zone. The climate is moderately  warm in summer and moderately cool in winter. July is the warmest month averaging in 18,1 C, and January the average temperature is -6,1 C.

TOP of Travel Attractions:






Church of the Savior on Blood. One of the greatest landmarks of St. Petersburg, its striking facade leaves a memorable impression on visitors that come from around the world.






Peter and Paul Fortress. An imposing fortress and a popular tourist attraction. One of the first buildings created by Peter the Great when St. Petersburg was established.





Winter Palace. The stunning baroque style palace reflects the might of imperial Russia. It has 1500 rooms and houses the excellent Hermitage Museum today






 St. Isaac's Cathedral, one of World's largest churches. Constructed in the 19th century, a French-born architect created this remarkable structure.





 The Yusupov Palace.  

During the tour you’ll see interiors of the Yusupov palace and the exposition dedicated to the murder of Rasputin. 





Peterhof Palace and Park. Peter the Great built this incredibly luxurious imperial palace. Situated by the gulf of Finland, it was built in the early 18th century.






Tsarskoe Selo. Park and Catherine Palace. Amber room - the Eighth Wonder of the World





Kronstadt. The city of Russian navy and military glory.

Follow the links  and find some information about enother places of interest (Cruiser "Aurora", Kazansky CathedralVictory SquareSaint-Petersburg metro tour).

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