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The Summer garden in Kronstadt.

    The Summer garden is  located directly behind the Anchor square and is bordered with the Petrovskaya street when you can see very interesting  garden fence created in 1873. The Summer garden is the oldest  public park in Kronstadt. Unfortunately now the area of ​​the park is in a deplorable condition.

 The Summer garden in KronstadtThe Summer garden in Kronstadt

   The history of the Summer garden connected with Peter I, founder of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg. The fact is the park firstly used as a kitchen-garden of Peter, there was a small palace (wooden house) of Peter the Great.  Catastrophic flood in 1824 severely damaged the garden and house of Peter (it was not constructed anew). In 1828 the reconstruction started under the supervision of  Ludwig Charlemagne in fashionable landscape (or “English”)  style.

 The Summer garden The Summer garden

On the territory number of monuments could be seen.

First of all is the Monument to clipper “Oprichnik”.

   This ship was built in Archangelsk. In 1858 she left Kronstadt and headed to Vladivostok. On the way back “Oprichnik fell in a storm in the Indian Ocean and disappeared in 1861. Since then the ship has not been seen. The crew consisted of 95 people, they are considered missing. The half-mast Naval Banner and a broken anchor symbolized mourning for the lost seamen.




The Monument to midshipman* Domashenko.  ==->>>


  Monument is dedicated to heroism of midshipman Domashenko, who rushed from the stern of the ship “Azov” to rescue the perishing in the waves sailor. It happened in 1827 near the Sicily  island. This is the oldest monument of Kronstadt, it was opened in 1828.


*in the Russian Imperial Navy rank “Midshipman” matches with rank “Ensign”  in the  Royal Navy.





The memorial sign to John Paul Jones.

John Paul Jones (1747 – 1792), hero of the American revolution and "Father of the United States Navy", was a Russian Admiral too. During the Russo- Turkish War (1787–1792) John Paul Jones was invited by Catherine II to the Russian service. As a rear admiral aboard the 24-gun flagship Vladimir, he took part in the naval campaign in the Liman (an arm of the Black Sea, into which flow the Southern Bug and Dnieper rivers) against the Turks. On June 8, 1788, Jones was awarded the Order of St. Anne, but he left the following month, an embittered man.  However, due to the English political intrigues, he was forced to leave the Russian service, although Catherine had the idea to make him  commander of the Baltic Fleet.





This granite sign was opened in 2000-s but the project of real bronze monument is still not realized.




     The northern border of the Summer garden is the artificial drainage canal and a special pool for water from the dockyard. It used for drying of the dry dock of Peter I. Wonderful granite staircase links the Anchor square and the Summer garden.