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Fort Alexander

The Dam


Virtual tour to the fort "Count Milyutin".

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The fort "Count Milyutin".

The first artillery battery was created here in 1807–1808. Just there was a threat of war with  Britain, so Kronstadt fortress  was armed hastily.  But situation changed quickly and after the French Invasion of Russia in 1812 arming of all sea-fortresses was almost stopped.

 The fort "Count Milyutin"

Modern fort was built in the mid 19th century according to the project of military engineer Eduard Totleben. It was armed by 11-in guns. After the Crimean War (1853-1856) the fort was reconstructed several times.

The fort "Count Milyutin".

Tsar Alexander II visited this fort in 1880 and ordered to name it “The Count Milyutin” (before this fort was known as the Third southern battery). Dmitry Milyutin  (June 28, 1816– January 25, 1912) was Minister of War (1861–1881)  during the reign of  Alexander II and the last Field Marshal of Imperial Russia (1898). He was responsible for sweeping military reforms that changed the face of the Russian army in the 1860s and 1870s.

Count Dmitry Milyutin

The guns were mounted in

11-in gun 1867

armored turrets and they

turned by steam engines. 

However old 11-in guns lost their significance with the development of artillery.

That’s why the fort  was

re-equipped with 6-in guns in the beginning of XX th century.


The 6-in Canet guns were placed there. All steam engines gave way to modern diesel generators and electric lighting.  There were carried out some experiments on the wireless radio communication between neighboring forts in 1899. 

6- in Canet gun

After the Russian revolution  fort   Milyutinwas an important  part of the Kronstadt fortress. It was one of the most modernized fortifications in Kronstadt fortified area.  During the rebellion of 1921 the Red army stormed this fort several times and suffered great losses.

 In 1930-s all casemates were renovated. Before the World War II, the anti-aircraft guns were installed on the  Fort  Milyutin. Fort played an important role in the air defense of Kronstadt. Strong guns of the fort supported the land army on the Oranienbaum bridgehead.

 The fort "Count Milyutin".

However, after the war, the Kronstadt fortress was disarmed in 1950-1960-s. As a result, the fort  Milyutin  and  almost all  another forts can be visited by everyone.