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Map of Kronstadt.

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Tours to Kronstadt:

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Kronstadt in the early 20th century

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Past and present of Kronstadt in historical and modern photos.


    I would like to present you several descriptions of historical places in Kronstadt.  This information can be used as a virtual guide of Kronstadt. I guess, that it would be much more interesting to see it before or after your visit to Kronstadt. All descriptions are supplied historical post-cards (or pictures) and modern photos, so you can trace a changes in appearance of the city.



1. The Palace of Prince Alexander Menshikov(The Italian Palace).

2. The Kronstadt sea-gauge – a zero-level of the Baltic system depths and heights. 

3. Monument to Peter Pakhtusov

4. Monument to Ivan Aivazovsky

5. A memorial sign in honor of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian-Japanese relations. 

6. The dry-dock of Peter 1 with a channel, the Merchant’s harbor.

7. Monument to Alexander Popov - inventor of radio.




8. The Petrovsky park

(monument to Peter the Great and the Middle harbor).




 9. The Anchor Square

( 10. the St. Nicolas Naval Cathedral,

Monument to Stepan Makarov  and others)  



11. The Summer garden in  Kronstadt.





 12. Sovietskaya street: Monument to F. F. Bellensgausen, The Officers Club




13. The Lenin Avenue:  The Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir, The Gostiny dvor,  The Chapel of Our Lady of Tikhvin, Monument to V. Lenin.




14. Leningradskaya street.



                                                                                                                Recreation  area in Kronstadt. Monument of nature and history

"The Western Kotlyn".