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N.B. Please find actual information about my tours  on my new web-site Your guide in St Petersburg

Visa-free tours for the cruise passangers.

N.B. Please find actual information about my tours  on my new web-site Your guide in St Petersburg

In accordance to the legislation of Russian Federation (RF Government Resolution №397), foreign tourists and persons without citizenship travelling on ferries and cruise ships may arrive to the port of St. Petersburg without Russian visa and stay in Russia not more than 72 h. VISA-Free journey can last up to 3 days. All passengers travelling on board to St. Petersburg are required to present a passport before entering the ship. Passports are required to be valid six months after arriving to St Petersburg. All passengers travelling visa free have to reserve sightseeing program in St. Petersburg in advance. Therefore you can visit the city ONLY with a help of some tour agency. Why? Because the accredited tour agency will sent the list of passengers to the border officer and you must to show the tour-ticket to the officer on the control point.



If you are going to visit St. Petersburg during your cruise, I can be your guide in St. Petersburg. With the travel agency with which I work, we can book a program for you and send you the tour-ticket for passing the border control. In this case, you know in advance who will be your guide.


If you have a Russian visa, you can make a tour program according to your wishes directly with me without any intermediaries.


Here you can find a list of programs and tours that I offer.


You can book any tour by e-mail. Contact me and learn more:


Your guide in Saint-Petersburg,


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