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N.B. Please find actual information about my tours  on my new web-site Your guide in St Petersburg

Hotels of  St. Petersburg 

N.B. Please find actual information about my tours  on my new web-site Your guide in St Petersburg

In St. Petersburg the last few years several hundred of hotels were created and reconstructed. In 2008  here were over 400 hotels with number of rooms which more than 20 000. During 2009-2011 more than 150 new hotels in all market segments were appeared, from inexpensive hostels to 5 stars hotels.

Hotels in St. Petersburg can offer different levels of service and prices for their services. Almost all hotel rooms have a reservation service via the Internet using specialized sites or on their web pages. If your  decided to book a room in some hotel spend a few minutes of your time to search and read reviews about this hotel. Such information gathering will contribute your awareness.   Generally, experience shows that most part of St. Petersburg’s hotel make a greater effort towards its development.  Usually claimed level of service is  corresponded with reality and client is satisfied  with his/her choice.

Note that in  high season (from May to September / October  as well as in the Christmas holidays) prices are rising. On hotels web-sites usually present information on the seasonal variation of tariffs, it can help you to plan your trip. In a high season, as well as during the Christmas and other holidays in Russia to book inexpensive hotel may be a big problem, so it is better to plan your journey in advance. Every year St. Petersburg is visited by more than 5 million tourists from all over the world.

To select a hotel you are interested in, compare the prices and order-book, you can use partner links placed on this page or the search engines.

International service for booking hotels HRS - affiliate link is available in English, kindly provided by the administration of the portal HRS-Hotel Reservation Service. The resource has a convenient base for searching and hotel booking around the world (including hotels in St. Petersburg).

It should also be mentioned about a hostels. Last years accommodation in hostels is becoming popular among tourists. Hostel is a budget hotel, where for little money (from 10 to 40-50 euro) can be obtained a minimum set of services to meet the requirements for sleep and rest. Accommodation is usually carried out in rooms for 2-10 people. Such an option is suitable for young people and everyone who does not want to pay a big sum of money for accommodation. A distinctive feature of hostels is that they are located in the central part of the city.

I am ready to assist and advise this or that hotel in accordance with your wishes.

Your guide in Saint-Petersburg, Roman.