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Photos of the Tolbukhin lighthouse by Aleksey Tselinko:

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Kronstadt lighthouses.

  From the beginning of  18th century Kronstadt has been a sea-port. So Kronstadt port needed lighthouses for safe navigation.  The oldest lighthouse of Russia  was constructed in Kronstadt. The Tolbukhin lighthouse was opened in 1719. It was a wood tower with weak lights. The lighthouse is situated on a small artificial island 3 miles west of the Kotlin island. During its history the Tolbukhin lighthouse was reconstructed several times. The present building of  the lighthouse was erected in 1810. Height of the tower is30 meters. This is a long flashing lighthouse with white color of the lights.

 Tolbukhin lighthouse

                                       More photos of the the Tolbukhin lighthouse    ====>>>>

Most part Kronstadt lighthouses  are located on the Great  Kronstadt raid and the Small Kronstadt raid so you can see it from the city and during a boat trip.  Some lighthouses were built in the 19th century, but the majority - in the early 20th century. Most part of Kronstadt  lighthouses are work automatically. 

Lighthouses of  the Great  Kronstadt raid.

1) 50-meters height  lighthouse on the southern side of the sea-raid was erected in 1914. It is still works. 



2) Lighthouses of the Kronslot fort:



3) A leading beacon:


4)  The lighthouse on the canal dock Peter the Great. There were plans to build a grand lighthouse on this place. But this lighthouse was erected only in the 20th century. You can visit it during your visit in Kronstadt.


Lighthouses of  the Small Kronstadt raid.

1) The slanting lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in the late 19 century.

This sign marks the beginning of the   St. Petersburg  sea channel. This channel (in fact it was a dredging the Neva bay of the  Gulf of Finland) was opened in 1885. Only after this event big ships were able to reachSt. Petersburg. In the 18th and 19th centuries all cargo was brought in Kronstadt. In the late 19th century the lighthouse was built, but the tower slightly deviated from the vertical. It was thought that the beacon will fall soon. However, it still stands. So it was called  The slanting lighthouse.


2) A leading beacon of the Military harbor.



3)  The Military harbor corner lighthouse. Military harbor of Kronstadt has a rectangular shape. In the corner of the harbor this lighthouse was built in the early 20th century.